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Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, University of Thessaly (Coordinator)

University of Thessaly, with 37 Departments, and 8 schools is a University with its own identity and with a prominent position in the Greek national educational system. University of Thessaly provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs and extra-curricular modules in specific research and business fields, for over 43.000 students. The Department of Physical Education and Sport Science was established in 1984 and it is located in Trikala. Four - year studies in the Department lead to a Degree in Physical Education and Sport Science qualifying its graduates to teach in all levels of Education. The focus of the studies is primarily on outdoor actrivities and sports which are greatly favoured by the surroundings of Trikala.


Hellenic Volleyball Federation

The main activities of Hellenic Volleyball Federation is the promotion of the spot of volleyball, in all its three disciplines (volleyball, beach volleyball, snow volleyball) in the territory of Greece and representing Greece in all International volleyball competitions.


Champions Factory Ireland Limited

Champions Factory Ireland Limited is a non-governmental organisation based in Dublin and aims to develop innovations in the field of sport, education, training and youth. The mission of Champions Factory Ireland Limited (ChF IE) is to encourage and support interdisciplinary and inter-collaborative sport research, serve as a research hub for sport researchers from across Europe, and dissem-inate sport research results to academics, sport practitioners and the general public.



The Sport-Club “L’Orma”, founded in 2000, is a non - profit educational agency that develops and delivers the best possible formative sportive / expressive experiences based on non-formal education and aimed at personal and professional growth of children, parents and sport instructors.


Organizzazione Per l'Educazione allo Sport

Opes is an Italian Organization born in 1980 to promote the practice of sport in Italy. Today, it is considered an important ramification and presence around the country and is active in the promotion of various initiatives. OPES represents a dynamic reality in the field of Social and Sportive Promotion, being an entity that promotes and organizes, in collaboration with the Affiliate Sports Associations, numerous no-profit athletic and recreational initiatives at the local, provincial, national and international leve


Centre for Social Innovation

Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) is a Research and Development organization which focuses on fostering social innovation that can bring about a positive change to local, national, regional and global contexts. CSI belief, is that the four pillars of Social Interaction, Education, Development and Economic Rationalization coupled with fundamentally sound and sustainable solutions as well as disruption to streamlined solutions to systemic social problems can lead to creative solutions that impact significant change to the social fabric of every society.


Frederick University

Frederick University (FredU) is one of the five recognised private Universities operating in the Republic of Cyprus. It is an energetic and vibrant university, enjoying respect and recognition both nationally and internationally. FredU offers a broad range of academic programmes of study in diverse areas such as, Science, Engineering, Business, Arts, Architecture, Media, Humanities, Health, and Education and has a strong focus on academic research, being one of the leading research organizations in the country.



Symplexis is a non-for-profit organisation, aiming at elevating social cohesion, serving the modern needs of populations at risk of social exclusion and promoting human rights. All activities designed and implemented by the organisation are user-centered, having a set of values as cornerstone, like impact sustainability, respect to uniqueness and tailor-made approach, user-driven design and implementation, results-based orientation and superior community ideals.


Helping Hand

Helping Hand is a non- governmental, non-profit organization, which aims at the promotion of human rights, social inclusion through education, training, sport, youth, entrepreneurship, and community level development. The organization delivers education and training in a wide range of subjects aiming at up skilling, diffusion of democratic ideas and empowerment and inclusion of vulnerable groups.


Sustainable Development Association/ Surdurulebilir Kalkinma Dernegi

Sustainable Development Association (SDK), was established in Ankara to support the rights-based work to take the necessary steps to have sustainable development in Turkey with a holistic approach. In this context, the United Nations has adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in other words, the Global Goals set in line with the 2030 targets and carries out activities in line with these targets.


Unye Gucu Futbol Kulubu Dernegi/ Ünye Gücü Futbol Kulübü Derneği

Unye Gucu Futbol Kulubu Dernegi is a non-profit football club which was established in 2016 as a responsibility project aiming to increase the healthy life quality of our children and youth (girls and boys) by doing sports, as well as embracing our children and young people who cannot find the opportunity to do sports and striving